A Taper Off Cigarettes Tool

  • Stop Smoking at Your own pace
  • No expensive gum or patch
  • Small pocket size - goes anywhere
  • Made of natural hardwoods
  • Smoke until you quit
  • No "cold turkey"

    This is the way doctors and pharmacists recommend most. I smoked for many years and for me it seemed almost impossible to quit smoking. "Cold-turkey" failed immediately. I decided to taper down using lighter and lighter cigarettes and smoking fewer and fewer as time went along. As I went from stronger to lighter cigarettes there came a point where a gap in the series was too wide, I would get stalled and continue to smoke, stuck on the ultra-lights.

    Then I invented the Personal Perforator. This little tool made regulating the lightness of each cigarette easy, curing the gap problem, and allowing me to taper-off at my OWN pace (almost two years, other people have quit in six weeks or less). I have changed my life by being able to breathe better and my circle of friends has increased to include more non-smokers. These things are important to me as they are to all of us. After tapering down at your own pace to a more managable level of nicotine intake, less will power will be required to stop smoking! No expensive nicotine gum or patches!

    How the perforator tool works is by simply putting air holes in your cigarette filter to lighten it, the same thing the cigarette companies do to reduce the tar and nicotine in the light and ultra-lights, in a convenient way. The perforator is an aide to help taper-off nicotine addiction at your own pace while smoking the brand and flavor of your choice. Some people who have bought them just use them to make their cigarettes lighter when they feel like it, using it as a smoking accessory. They make great gifts with a lot of value. Guaranteed to perforate your cigarette filter as long as you own it, as long as they are being sold from this outlet. This little tool will fit into your pocket or can be easily adapted to a key chain. A stylish and convenient way to taper-off.

    The Personal Perforator is an easy, stressless way to quit smoking. When used properly you can regulate the time it takes you to taper off. Start by inserting your cigarette filter into the opening once. Smoke your cigarette this way until you decide to start inserting it twice. When you are ready, go to the third level. Before long the cigarette will be so ultra-light that it will be impossible to draw any real amount of smoke through it, you will be getting mostly air. At this point the nicotine addiction will be lessened to the point a much smaller portion of "will-power" will be required to stop using them. As you quit, you can stick to your own brand. If you fall off the wagon temporarily, fall off with the your personal perforator, the low tar and nicotine level will aid in making it easier to put them down again!!

    Price of a carton of cigarettes = over 40.00 dollars and rising!

    How many times have we said "I've got to quit smoking"? There's been times when those words were uttered even as we lit up the cigarette, knowing that we must, sooner or later. One way or another - - - - - - -
      With the Personal Perforator you can start to stop, even when lighting up, and continue to quit AT YOUR OWN PACE !! Order one for yourself or a friend and loved one, they make great gifts that let people know you care about their health and happiness.

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    Dark Polished Hardwood - $14.95 Each
    Shipping & handling:
    USA $1.00 - Canada $2.00 - Overseas $3.00

    Includes S&H for up to 4 Personal Perforators
    credit card ordering
    Light Polished Hardwood - $14.95 Each
    Shipping & handling:
    USA $1.00 - Canada $2.00 - Overseas $3.00

    Includes S&H for up to 4 Personal Perforators
    credit card ordering

    One pack per day
    for one year
    One Hawaiian Vacation

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